About Kleinkie

This. Is. Us.


Two friends from high school. Two different lives. One DREAM.

Kleinkie started as a dream for these two. A dream not only to inspire and provide something beautiful but to be more than just a brand to customers. This dream became a reality in February 2020 after they became the new owners of the established Kleinkie in 2017. Two friends, Riana and Sanmari, who loves sport, dancing, great food and to be friend!


Riana Hulme is married to Stefan, they have two awesome kids, a girl Lana and a boy Janco. They are super busy two kids, keeping everyone on their feet, but we love and adore these two. Riana loves to be called mom, enjoys the beach, Mexican food and drinking gin!


Sanmari van Wyk, a world traveler, with a bucket list of places to visit, has a mark on almost every continent. She loves to be creative, healthy and inspirational to her friends and family. Currently on her bucket list is Bali, Indonesia.


These two friends are super excited to provide a range of products for the modern baby. They completed the MidMar Open Water swim together in 2019 and are always up for a challenge.


Kleinkie is not only a brand but a passion, a dream and a challenge.

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